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Tips For Content Creation For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Content Creation Tips For Entrepreneurs

Content Creation Tips For Entrepreneurs



You’ve heard it before. Content is king. We’ve all heard that phrase over and over since freshman year marketing class. But, now that you’re out there building your business, meeting inspiring women who are pursuing entrepreneurial journeys, and making the connections you need to grow, content has taken on a life of its own. The content you create defines your business, your brand, and your expertise.

That’s why it’s time to buckle down on creating the right content and using it efficiently and effectively. So today, I’m sharing with you 5 of my best tips for content creation.

01 | Do the Research to Find Out What Content Your Audience Wants From You

If you’re going to put in the effort to create amazing content, you want to make sure it has value for your audience. As content creators, we’re sometimes so deep in the weeds of our expertise that we miss the obvious topics that our audience is dying to know. So poll your audience to discover what it is they want to consume! Do a quick Instagram poll putting two content ideas head-to-head or throw an open-ended call for questions up in your Facebook group. Readers love to be in the driver’s seat, so let them tell you what they want to read.

02 | Create a Library of Content Ideas

Imagine you’re sitting in a client meeting bouncing ideas back and forth, and something strikes you. It’s a topic that gets you two fired up, so you know others must be thinking about it, too. You don’t have time to write about it that day, but you don’t want to let the thought slip by. If you create a library of future content ideas, you’ll never forget an incredible content topic, and you’ll never run out of things to talk about with your audience. Plus, I promise you, everyone has days, weeks, and months where they feel like there’s a block and they’re running dry on new content. With a library of content ideas at the ready, you’re always prepared.

03 | Focus on Creating Evergreen Content

You spent the time writing a well-thought-out blog post or a shooting perfectly styled photos. Don’t let this content be a flash in the pan! Turn it into evergreen content that you’ll use again and again. Try to limit day-to-day references in your informative blog posts or obvious hints at seasonality in photos so that you can recycle these pieces of content 2 months from now or even 2 years from now. With a great evergreen blog post, you can continue to promote it on social long after it’s gone live…and, a year from now, you can even repost it with a new date and a couple of fresh words.

One caveat here: Evergreen content isn’t always the answer. There are instances, of course, where seasonality is wonderful and brings a smile to your readers. And, you never want to miss out on striking while the iron is hot if a topic is currently in the news or feeling particularly relevant.

04 | Speak Directly to Your Audience’s Life Experience

While we all love reading about the experiences of experts, we also love reading about ourselves! So, let your audience see themselves in your content. Speak directly to them. Provide real-life examples that feel relatable to their lives. Content that provides advice, tips, and tricks feels even more valuable when it’s spelled out in a way that a reader can directly apply to a situation they could find themselves in later that afternoon.

05 | Leverage Your Content Across Channels

Don’t limit an awesome piece of content to just one channel! Let that blog post shine not only on your website, but on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Write a long-form Insta caption that teases the rest of the post. Chat about it on stories with some face-to-face real talk. Do a Facebook live. Start a conversation on your Facebook page or one of your favorite groups of badass boss women. Create a Pinterest-friendly image that has the power to go viral. Start tweeting.

You invested time, energy, and experience into this content. Give it legs to grow across all your social channels.

Okay, now you’re totally on board with creating absolutely AMAZING content for your blog, right? You’re going to tap into what your audience wants and speak directly to their experiences. You’re going to hoard insightful topics. And, you’re going to make sure there’s no expiration date on the content that you’ll promote across all social channels.

Don’t have a blog yet? Girl, you need to get on it! Go read my 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog and then come back over here to get cracking on content.



Content Creation Tips For Entrepreneurs


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