10 Reasons You Should Use Instagram Stories for Business
10 Reasons You Should Use Instagram Stories for Business

10 Reasons You Should Use Instagram Stories for Business

10 Reasons You Should Use Instagram Stories for Business



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Have you started using Instagram Stories to build your business? Or are you still relying solely on the images that you’ve spent hours editing in in VSCO and posting with every relevant hashtag? Those picture-perfect images are great, but if you’re not using stories, you’re missing out on making real connections with your fellow entrepreneurs and potential clients. 

Need some convincing to get behind the Insta Story camera? Here are 10 reasons you should be using Instagram Stories for your business. 

01 | Your Followers Get to Know the Non-Curated, Relatable Version of YOU

Your Instagram feed is perfectly curated with an on-brand color scheme, consistent levels of brightness and contrast, and everything that has helped your followers recognize your images as you. But, all that visual perfection that leads people to hit “follow” can also seem a bit unattainable.

Your Instagram stories are the unscripted, unfiltered, raw glimpses into your life and into your days. They remind your followers that you’re a real person who takes the dog out, burns dinner on occasion, and celebrates wins with a glass of wine in her pajamas.

02 | Make Connections with Both Fellow Entrepreneurs and Potential Clients

While the images in your feed are gorgeous, your Insta stories give you the chance to talk straight to your followers and connect with them face-to-face (or face-to-screen?).

It’s those direct connections that allow your followers, both peers and potential clients, to get to know you, your voice, and how you relate to your audience. And, I promise you, talking to your phone isn’t as awkward as it seems…only you think your voice sounds weird!

03 | Give Followers a Behind-the-Scenes Peek Into Your Business

Want your potential clients to have an idea of what they’re signing up for with your services? Take them on a day in the life of YOU! Walk them through a client call, a consultation, a pitch, whatever it is that you think will give them a behind-the-scenes peek at what you do.

Making an investment in services can seem abstract, so use your stories to let your followers dive in and understand your business.

04 | Share Multi-Channel Content With Your Followers

You have a new blog post up on Monday and a Facebook Live on Thursday at noon. You want more eyes on both, so promote them on Insta Stories!

Post a mix of still images, text-only visuals, recorded videos, and quick reminders to keep your audience up-to-date on what’s going on across your social channels. 

05 | Your Stories Reach a Larger Percentage of Your Followers 

We’ve all heard the rumors…Instagram business accounts may or may not be reaching less than 10% of their followers with a single post. Whether or not that’s true, there’s one sure-fire way around the algorithm.

Utilize stories to reach more followers every time you post. You’d be surprised how many people spend the majority of their time on Instagram clicking through every new story at the top of their feed!

06 | Keeps You Front and Center in Your Followers’ Feeds

Another great thing about posting to Insta Stories is that your name is always going to be up there at the top of your followers’ feed.

If you see “savvysocialimpressions” at the top of your stories every time you log in, you’re going to have “savvysocialimpressions” on the brain and you’re going to click through to see what we’re up to!

07 | Test New Strategies and Approaches With Low Investment

You have a new idea to reach your audience and aren’t quite sure how it will perform. Use Insta Stories as a test kitchen. Let’s say you’re a food blogger that exclusively writes recipes, but you’re thinking your followers might be into recommendations for new restaurants. Test it out on stories and see how they respond! 

08 | Poll Your Audience and Ask Questions to Inform New Content

Feeling like you’re in a creative rut? Or maybe you’re seeing low engagement on your posts, and you’re wondering if your content is actually resonating with your followers.

Use the this v. that poll feature in stories to ask your followers what they enjoy from you or use the questions feature to ask open-ended questions about the content that they would love to see when they click on your profile.

09 | Followers Can Reply to a Story and Start a One-on-One Conversation

One of my favorite things about stories is that when followers reply to your stories, it goes straight into your DM’s and starts a one-on-one conversation.

Obviously, it’s wonderful when people comment on your posts, but it can be tough to transition a comment into a meaningful conversation.

With story replies, it’s a seamless flow from a follower totally resonating with your post, “OMG that is so my life!” to you replying and starting a back-and-forth convo.

10 | Show the Unedited Parts Of Your Life

Similar to #1, Instagram Stories are where your followers see the unedited parts of your life. This is where you post the somewhat grainy photo of last night’s incredible dinner…that doesn’t quite fit in your feed.

Or you come to rant about the frustrating afternoon you spent figuring out taxes (#entrepreneurlife). It’s where you come to find a community that will support you and build you up when you’ve had a rough day. This is where your followers get to know the unedited you.

Okay, so now you’re ready to get started on building your Instagram Story game, right?! Stay tuned because in a few weeks, we’ll walk you through some of our favorite Insta hacks and secrets. In the meantime, follow us over at @savvysocialimpressions for a behind-the-scenes, real-life peek into our business!

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10 Reasons You Should Use Instagram Stories for Business


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