5 Important Facts You Need To Know About Pinterest
5 Important Facts You Need To Know About Pinterest

5 Important Facts You Need To Know About Pinterest

5 Important Facts You Need To Know About Pinterest



Who remembers when Pinterest first hit our radar? We all stayed up late into the night pinning boards of every kind…our first home, the season’s must-have outfits, tonight’s dinner, next week’s book club menu. You get the idea. It was the place to go for inspirational images and DIY projects.

And it still is! But, Pinterest has evolved into something much bigger than a pinboard. It’s a tool that you, as an entrepreneur, can use to boost your business and reach your ideal audience

Here are the top 5 facts to know as you move towards utilizing Pinterest to its full potential:

01 | Pinterest is NOT a Social Media Platform!

Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Those are social media platforms. Pinterest? No way! Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google. Social media platforms are about who you follow. A search engine is about what you’re looking for. 

As a business, the pinners you want to reach aren’t curating their boards for others to follow. On their social media platforms, they’re posting to get likes and engagement, but on Pinterest, it’s all about them. They’re searching for something specific and then pinning what resonates with and inspires them…and often it doesn’t come from the biggest “influencer” or the brand name they already know. It’s where they found a beautiful or useful image that grabbed their attention and fulfilled a need. 

You have to think about your pinnable content from that perspective. Use your best vertical images and put a catchy, click-worthy headline front and center. Think about what pinners will find useful and want to remember for later. Make users pause at your image and hit, “Pin.”

02 | Keywords are Essential.

Now that you’re in the mindset of using Pinterest as a search engine rather than a social media platform, it’s time to consider how you can utilize keywords in your descriptions to make your pins more searchable and get more eyes on your amazing content.

For example, let’s say you’re a food blogger and you’re pinning a pasta recipe. Think about who might want to utilize that post. Maybe it’s a busy woman who wants to surprise her boyfriend with a romantic homemade dinner (Valentine’s Day is this week, it’s on theme!). What’s she going to search? “Easy” “pasta” “dinner for two” “romantic meal” could all be terms that she enters into Pinterest. 

With every pin, identify at least 3-4 keywords that are specific to your post and put those front and center

Hint: Not sure where to start with keywords? Enter one word you think might be relevant into the search bar and see what else comes up! Those terms will guide you in the right direction and let you know what people are searching. 

03 | Pinterest is a Long-Term Investment.

Pinterest success doesn’t happen overnight (okay, you could get lucky and have an instantly viral pin, but that’s not the game plan here!). 

On other social media platforms, when you post an image, you hope it gains traction that day…or it’s gone. But, because Pinterest functions like a search engine, your pins may not start making waves for weeks or even months

Once you’ve revamped your Pinterest profile to maximize your business and grow your reach, expect to wait at least 90 days to begin to see significant results…or even 5 months or longer if you’re starting from ground zero. Give users time to find your content, pin, and repin.

04 | Pinterest Drives Traffic.

You’ve built boards of gorgeous content that links back to your site. Your pins have the relevant keywords necessary for pinners to stumble upon them while searching for their holiday tablescape or their home office reno inspiration. So, what happens now?

If you’ve designed successful pins with intriguing headlines, users will want to know more about the image that caught their attention. That means they’ll click through to your site to find more images that inspire them. And, if you’ve really designed successful pins and added in relevant keywords, your pins will turn up again and again in viral flashes. A pin that did well back in 2016 could resurface and bring an entirely new audience back to your site in 2019. Pins are evergreen traffic drivers.

05 | Pinterest Brings Your Brand to Life!

Because Pinterest is utilized as an inspiration board by its users, it’s where your pins go to come to life. Seeing a photo on your website is one thing. Pinning it to a board to refer back to later makes it an action item

Pinterest takes static images and breathes life into them. It makes your brand and your content actionable and tangible for both your current audience and those users that will discover you in their searches.  (Struggling to develop some eye-catching pins of your own? No sweat! My Pinterest template bundles make it easy to create beautiful pins in no time at all. Find them here!)

Okay, so you’ve got all the important facts about how to make Pinterest work for you. Are you ready to start the real work of cleaning up your boards and optimizing your pins for your business?



5 Important Facts You Need To Know About Pinterest


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