5 Instagram Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Following
5 Instagram Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Following

5 Instagram Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Following

5 Instagram Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Following



Are you finding it difficult to grow your Instagram account? You may have heard about third-party apps that magically increase your numbers so you don’t have to worry about growth, but… DON’T DO IT!

These bots are toxic for your engagement! Using bots can result in an Instagram Shadow Ban – restricting the visibility of your content and limiting your account. Growing your Instagram doesn’t have to be exhausting. Follow these 5 organic strategies and get fantastic results!  

01 | Brand Yourself

Pick a theme and stick to it! This method is highly respected in the Instagram community and very important to the growth of your account. If you’re just getting started with Instagram, upload a few photos or videos and craft a bio that really represents you or your brand.

Keep in mind that your bio will be seen by hundreds of thousands of possible followers. Use a professional-looking logo or high quality photo as your profile image and incorporate your brand’s theme colors wherever possible to build recognition.

And please, make sure your account is set to public so that potential followers can see your content!

02 | Know Your Instagram Audience

Research your target audience thoroughly. Make sure to spend time on promoting content to people who are interested in you!

This is why having a niche is SO important. By targeting the right audience on Instagram, your engagement rate will be a lot higher.

Get an overview of the demographics of your followers: age, gender, location, language, when they’re active the most, etc. all provided for you in your account’s insights.

03 | Be Consistent

Consistency is Key! Learn to be consistent when posting to your account. This rule doesn’t apply just to your Instagram, it applies to any social media account.

Create a posting schedule and keep to it, this will build trust in your audience, keep them updated on new information, and let them know when to expect new content!

Now here is the real gem, remember that quality of the content is a thousand times more important than Quantity. But don’t use that as an excuse not to start, use it as motivation to up your game!

04 | Engage like an Instagram QUEEN

Interact with your audience! It’s the reason you built the account and the doing so will create trust in your audience and allow followers to relate to your brand.

Respond to comments and reciprocate likes and follows where possible. Find a way to draw attention to your brand. Contests are a popular example of this technique. A contest can grab attention while giving value to your followers.

Another method is to ask your followers questions or provide information that will result in gained value or appreciation for your followers. Asking questions that allow them to provide feedback to your brand is empowering to your audience and shows you care about their opinions. Meanwhile, it spreads the word about your brand and keeps their interest on you.

05 | Tag It Up

The right hashtags make all the difference. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to a single post. This is your change to add to the conversation around that hashtag. Use the tag well and get enough engagement and you could end up featured on the explore page, providing you with much wider audience exposure.

Hashtags are a way for potential followers to come into contact with your account and your brand. You do not have to or even need to use all 30 possible hashtags, 7 to 10 well-researched hashtags are better than 30 random tags.

And remember this most important note, your content must reflect what your hashtags promise, or run the risk of being shadowbanned for improper hashtag use.

All in all, growing a following for an Instagram account isn’t really that difficult as long as you stick to the rules and dedicate the time to doing it. 

This will lead to a more active and engaged following of people and make your account work for your brand.

Are you not unlocking the full potential of your Instagram account?

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5 Instagram Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Following


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