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5 Ways To Build Your Confidence For Business Success

5 Ways To Build Your Confidence For Business Success




Everyone remembers the first time they rode a bike. Did you get on the bike and immediately know how it worked, jetting down the road like a skilled performer? I doubt it. You may not remember the first time, but you started on a tricycle, and grew to training wheels before you ever mastered the bicycle.

Starting a business can be similar to this process. You start by learning the basic skills and then as you use them more and more, they become second nature. Eventually, you decide you are so skilled that you can offer that skill to others. For others to have confidence in your abilities, you must first have confidence in yourself.

Practice makes perfect, and self-confidence is no different. When you continually face and overcome your doubts and challenges, you will reinforce your confidence in your own skills and abilities. In order to improve, you must face harder and harder challenges, pushing past your comfort levels and raising the bar.

Keep Learning:

The number one way to improve confidence is to gather knowledge after all nothing makes you feel like you know what you are talking about like actually knowing what you are talking about. Read about your business market, attend seminars or courses to learn new skills, and keep up-to-date about new developments in your industry.

Set a Clear Path:

Knowing what you want for your business makes achieving that goal so much easier! Be clear and concise in your objectives. Aim for measurable objectives such as, “I want to add four new customers each month” or “I want to make an additional $X dollars each week” as opposed to less specific targets such as “I want to make more money.” This will allow you to track your progress toward your goals. Being able to track real results will make you more confident in yourself and your business’ success.

Make Affirmations:

Find a way to remind yourself of your confidence when you need it most. There are many methods you could use to do this. Find positive affirmations that you can repeat when you need an extra kick of confidence such as,

1) “I got this,”

2) “I am the master of my own fate,”

3) “I lead my own parade.”

Whatever phrase reminds you to have faith in yourself and kicks your mindset into a positive productive pace. If short phrases don’t seem to be working for you, try long form; write yourself a letter in a time of success. Remind yourself what you have achieved, include supportive comments from friends or loved ones, and when you need that boost of confidence, take out your letter to read.

Abandon Self-Doubt:

You’ve got a good idea but have become paralyzed on the way to bringing it to life. You may be blaming lack of knowledge, lack of support, or lack of funds, when in fact you could find ways to counteract all those limitations. Take it step by step and find small ways to move forward with your goals. Negativity will not help you achieve your goals, so it’s important to surround yourself with positive people who will help you bolster your own confidence and help you chase off self-doubt.

Recognize Your Accomplishments (Even the Little Ones):

Those little things you accomplish throughout the day can be just as important as the major goals. When you make that initial sale, celebrate a little; when you diffuse a small issue before it becomes a full-blown problem, celebrate a little. The little victories can serve as reminders of how far you have come and how talented you are. And remember, you have more successes to come!

You can build your personal confidence by adding to your knowledge and skillset, setting clear objectives, making affirmations, removing self-doubt, and recognizing your small successes. It’s important to remember that your company is an extension of yourself. Your confidence will be reflected in your actions in your business. Building your own confidence will build others confidence in you and your business as well. After all, who would you rather back in a business deal? Someone who is nervous or fumbling, or someone who speaks clearly, can make their statements with assurance, and can answer questions with certainty? That’s what we thought. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you, too.



5 Ways To Build Your Confidence For Business Success


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